- COMPUCON October 2017 Systems Price List Ready
Compucon SA October 2017 Systems DLR Price List is now ready for download.

- Intel 600p Series 3D NAND SSD family
[Intel 3D NAND SSDs]> The 600p Series is part of the Intel 3D NAND SSD family of products. Built on breakthrough 3D NAND and delivered by a proven and trusted supplier, Intel 3D NAND SSDs transform the economics of storage. The combination of 3D NAND and PCIe enables Intel SSDs to push the limits of performance and value. [Single-Sided for Design Flexibility]> The 600p Series offers all capacity points, including 1TB, in te single-sided M.2(80mm) form factor, enabling system designers the flexibility for thinner and lighter systems or more space for other components. [Performance that Matters]> The 600p Series accelerates platform performace with sequential reads of up to 1,800 megabytes per second (MB/s) and random read and write input/output operations (IOPS) of up to 155K and 128K, respectively. With the SSD 600p Series integrated in the PC system, users will work more efficiently with the applications they care about, with up to 3x better performance than SATA SSDs. [Charge Your Device Less Often]> The 600p Series provides extended battery lift through low power modes. It reduces idle consumption by >90% compared to a typical hard disk drive, reducing power consumption from watts to milliwatts. When coupled with a 6th generation intel Core processor-based platform, the advanced power mode settings reduce power consumption by another order of magnitude - from milliwatts to microwatts.

- Kingston 4Gb/1600MHz/D3L/nonECC/CL11DIMM/1.35V Memory
Special price $22ex

- Microsoft Office Mac Home n Student 2016/1L/Mless
Special Price $110ex - one copy only.

- Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Sales Ending October 2016
A new update to Microsoft's Windows lifecycle fact sheet indicates the official end of sales for PCs running Windows 7 Professional is Oct. 31, 2016. After this date, computer manufacturers will stop pre-installing Windows 7 Professional on PCs. Customers will only be able to purchase new Windows 7 PCs if they are part of existing stock. Should you require Windows 7 Pro after 31 October 2016, please discuss with us so that we can reserve and hold the stock for you for future builds.

New Products
All new products are listed below:
Product Manufacturer Warranty RRP InGST  
16Gb DDR4/2400MHz/nonECC/288pinDIMM/1.2V TEAM LLT $239.00
16Gb DDR4/2400MHz/nonECC/CL17 DIMM/2Rx8 KINGSTON LLT $232.00
21.5in TN-LED/1920x/1ms/VDH/Spk//VESA/Ti ASUS 3yRMC $189.00
24MP88HV-S/24IPS/5ms/1920x/DS/2xHDM/Spk/ LG ELECTRONICS 3yRMC $399.00
24x Black SATA Int DVDW/24xR/6xRW/8xRDL LG ELECTRONICS 2yRMC $25.00
Acer KA220HQ /21.5H IPS/1920x/6ms/60Hz/V ACER 3yRMC $179.00
AS400SSD TLC 240G/2.5in/7mm/S3/R500/W350 3yRMC $133.00
ASA ChargingStation/10 USB pts/2 AC out AEROCOOL 2yRMC $142.00
CLX-6260FW/24ppm/PrtCpyScnFax/Nw/Wless/D SAMSUNG $799.00
CORSAIR ValueSel 8Gb/DDR4/2133MHz/NonECC CORSAIR LLT $129.00
DRW-24D5MT 24xDVD-RW/12xDVD+RW/Blk ASUS 2yRMC $22.00
EX-GTX1050-O2G/2GD5/eSports/1404MHz/7680 ASUS 3yRMC $222.00
GT1030/2GD5/1506MHz/4096x/DVI/HDMI-2.0b/ GIGABYTE 3yRMC $112.00
GT1030/2GD5/1920x/1228MHz/VDH/HD/SilentP ASUS 3yRMC $129.00
GT710/2GbD5/PCIe2.0/4096x/64b/DH/LP GIGABYTE 3yRMC $69.00
GTX1060/6D5/1595MHz/7680x/2xDP/DVI/2xHDM ASUS 3yRMC $495.00
GTX1060/6D5/1797MHz/7680x/DP/DVIx2/HDM/ GIGABYTE 3yRMC $479.00
GTX1070/8D5/1771MHz/7680x/DP/DVIx2/HDM/ GIGABYTE 3yRMC $752.00
GTX1080/8D5X/1860MHz/7680x/DP/DVI/HDM/ GIGABYTE 3yRMC $952.00
HyperxFB 8Gb(2x4) 2666MHz DDR4 NonECC KINGSTON HYPERX LLT $138.00
HyperxFR 16Gb(2x8) 2400MHz DDR4 NonEC KINGSTON HYPERX LLT $235.00
Intel Core i5 I5-7640X/4.0GHz/6M/4C/2066 INTEL 3yRMC $388.00
Intel Core i7 I7-7740X/4.3GHz/8M/4C/2066 INTEL 3yRMC $542.00
Intel Core i7 I7-7800X/3.5GHz/8.25Mz/6C/ INTEL 3yRMC $599.01
Intel Core i7 I7-7820X/3.6GHz/11Mb/8C/R4 INTEL 3yRMC $919.00
Intel Core i9 I9-7900X/3.3GHz/13.75M/10C INTEL 3yRMC $1,519.00
L2 LifeCam HD-3000 Win USB Port EN/XT/ZH MICROSOFT 1yRMC $33.00
Logitech MX800 WlessK&MCombo/Illuminated LOGITECH 3yRMC $199.00
Maxtor M3/2Tb/External Port HDD/2.5in SEAGATE 2yRMC $121.00
Mini DisplayPort(M) to HDMI(F) Adapter ATEN N/A $29.00
MyPassportUltra Ultra 1Tb/USB3.0/PDr/Wht WESTERN DIGITAL 1yRMC $75.00
N1030-1SDV-E5BL/GT1030/2GD5/1227MHz/DH/ IOMEGA 2yRMC $116.00
Phoenix GTX1060/3GD5/1708MHz/7680x/DH/DP ASUS 3yRMC $369.00
PRIME Z270M-Plus/4D4/VDH/R5/2xPCe3/M.2/L ASUS 3yRMC $215.00
Prime-B250M-K/2D4/M.2/7G/VDH/L1151/mAT ASUS 3yRMC $123.00
PRIME-H270-PLUS/4D4/dualM.2/Optane/L1151 ASUS 3yRMC $182.00
PRIME-H270-PRO/4D4/dualM.2/Optane/L1151 ASUS 3yRMC $193.00
PRIME-H270M-PLUS/4D4/dualM.2/Optane/1151 ASUS 3yRMC $185.00
PrimeX299-A/8D4/3xPCIe16/R5/2xM.2/S2066/ ASUS 3yRMC $539.00
Quadro P2000/5GD5/1024c/4DP/160b/75W LEADTEK 3yRMC $699.00
SanDisk 32Gb CruzerBlade/Retail/USB2.0/ SANDISK 1yRMC $15.00
Seagate Expansion Portable/1Tb G2/2.5in SEAGATE 1yRMC $79.20
SS 1Tb/M.2/850Evo/3D V-NAND/540R.500W/ SAMSUNG 5yRMC $488.00
Vengeance LPX 16Gb (2x8GB) DDR4/2133MHz/ CORSAIR LLT $285.00
WD Blue 250Gb SSD/2.5in/SATA/CSSDPltfm/3 WESTERN DIGITAL 3yRMC $152.00
WD Blue 250Gb SSD/M.2/SATA/CSSDPltfm/3yr WESTERN DIGITAL 3yRMC $153.00