- COMPUCON December 2016 Systems Price List Ready
Compucon SA December 2016 Systems DLR Price List is now ready for download. Email us if you need us to email you the price list.

- Kingston 4Gb/1600MHz/D3L/nonECC/CL11DIMM/1.35V Memory
Special price $22ex

- Microsoft Office Mac Home n Student 2016/1L/Mless
Special Price $110ex - one copy only.

- Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Sales Ending October 2016
A new update to Microsoft's Windows lifecycle fact sheet indicates the official end of sales for PCs running Windows 7 Professional is Oct. 31, 2016. After this date, computer manufacturers will stop pre-installing Windows 7 Professional on PCs. Customers will only be able to purchase new Windows 7 PCs if they are part of existing stock. Should you require Windows 7 Pro after 31 October 2016, please discuss with us so that we can reserve and hold the stock for you for future builds.

- UPSONIC UPS Prices updated
PosPal has been added for small business POS applications. All Upsonic models can be supplied. Discount price offered when order with PC or Server. Please inquire if model is not listed.

New Products
All new products are listed below:
Product Manufacturer Warranty RRP InGST  
HyperxFB 32Gb(2x16) 2400MHz DDR4 NonECC KINGSTON HYPERX LLT $325.00
SS 500Gb/750Evo/7mm SATA/540MbR/520MbW SAMSUNG 3yRMC $220.00
ST10000DM004 BCuda/10Tb/SATA 6Gbps/256M/ SEAGATE 3yRMC $829.00
ST1000DM010 BCuda/1Tb/7200rpm/S3/64Mb/2y SEAGATE 2yRMC $79.00
ST4000DM005 BCuda/4Tb/5900rpm/S3/64Mb/2y SEAGATE 2yRMC $209.00
ST8000DM002 BCuda/8Tb/SATA 6Gbps/256M/2y SEAGATE 2yRMC $559.00